Click here to log into eBenefits, where you can enroll or make changes to your State Health Plan benefits and access Blue Connect, where you can find your EOBs, request new Plan ID cards and other benefit details.


Online resources are available to help you find a doctor. Based on your plan, you may have additional resources available.


Welcome aboard! As a new employee, we’re here to help you navigate through your State Health Plan options. This page includes resources to help you understand your plan options and how to enroll in benefits.

Qualifying Life Events & Dependent Eligibility

Guidelines for a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) and dependent eligibility.

Outreach Events/Webinars

Plan to attend a State Health Plan event online or near you!

Sign Up for Our Monthly e-Newsletter!

Member Focus is a monthly e-newsletter that keeps members up-to-date on pharmacy and health benefits, and provides tips on how to stay healthy and save money – plus recipes and more.


Providers, please click here for the latest on this initiative from the State Health Plan.

Coronavirus Updates

The State Health Plan is encouraging members to stay informed, calm and prepared about the global coronavirus outbreak or COVID-19. The Plan is coordinating with Blue Cross NC, its third-party administrator, as well as CVS Caremark, UnitedHealthcare and other vendors, to ensure that Plan members have full and timely access to services involving the detection and treatment of coronavirus. Click here for more information.


Medicare Advantage Plans Transition to Humana

Planning is under way for the State Health Plan’s recently announced transition to Humana for the Medicare Advantage plans. This is not effective until January 1, 2021. Medicare Advantage members will continue their current benefits with UnitedHealthcare for the remainder of this year. Click here for more information.

Man with cigarette broken in half

Looking for Information Regarding the Tobacco Attestation?

During the 2023 Open Enrollment period, which was held this past November, active employees and non-Medicare retirees could reduce their monthly premiums by completing the tobacco attestation through the online enrollment process in eBenefits. Outside of Open Enrollment, there is not an opportunity to complete this activity unless you are a new employee.


State Health Plan Board of Trustees Teleconference Notice

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View recent and past news articles, announcements, and updates from the State Health Plan.


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NC State Health Plan Network Information for Providers

Providers, please click here for the latest on this initiative from the State Health Plan.
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